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Raano disconnecting from raid and not showing up again? DAFUQ?!


I just want to inform you officers that the reason why I disconnected last raid was due to my ├╝ber-unstable ISP-connection... My net is still not up and I've ordered a new connection from another ISP. I've been informed that this will be installed tomorrow or on monday, depending if I get home in time.

Anyways, I'm really sorry and I hope I am not missing out on to much progress while this is getting sorted out.

I will be back and kickin' Shottyy's arse very soon, don't you worry! ;)

Edit: Also could someone please inform Vintra about this post, incase he does not check the forums :)

I have notified the men (by which I mean Vintra).

Ye i guessed it raano... fix your prob and come online, no worries.

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