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Our Mumble server

Communicating with the in-game chat isn't very efficient when raiding, anybody knows that. That's why we, as most other raiding guilds, use voice communication during raids.

We have chosen Mumble as our VoIP solution because of the low latency and the fact that it's completely free and open-source.

The only problem with Mumble, compared to other solutions, is that many users find it difficult to set up when they first install and open it. This page aims to help new members (or PUGs) get their Mumble client up and running with our server.

Downloading Mumble

Before doing anything, you will need to download the installer for Mumble. You can do so from their page on Just select the version appropriate for your system. This is the recommended way, as it is guaranteed that you get the latest client version. If you'd rather have a direct download link, you can find them in the sidebar for Windows and OS X. Save the installer somewhere accessibly, like your desktop.

Installing Mumble

Just run the installer that you downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions. If you'd rather want a complete guide to installing it, we've compiled an installation guide just for you below.

Please note that this installation guide assumes you are using the Windows operating system.

Once the installer has finished downloading, it's time to run it. Double-click on the installer file and choose "Yes" on any UAC prompts. You should be greeted with the following window.

Mumble installer greeting

Simply choose "Next" as the image marks with the red rectangle and continue to the next screen.

Mumble installer license agreement

Read through the agreement hah and accept them before pressing "Next" and continuing.

Mumble installer location

Change the installation location if you wish, and then continue with "Next".

Mumble installer read

Easy, just press "Install" to begin installation. Press "Yes" on any UAC prompts that appear during installation.

Mumble installer finished

Once installation has finished, make sure you check the "Start Mumble" checkbox before pressing "Finish". When Mumble starts up, an audio wizard will launch to guide you through setting up and configuring your microphone and speakers or headphones.

Mumble audio wizard welcome
WARNING: Do not cancel the audio wizard prematurely as it is imperative that you follow it from start to finish to ensure an optimal experience with the Mumble client. Closing out of the audio wizard early is the most frequent source of problems.
Mumble audio wizard device config

Turn on echo cancellation if your microphone doesn't support it on its own, and continue with "Next".

Mumble audio wizard device tuning

Follow the instructions and continue with "Next".

Mumble audio wizard volume tuning

Follow the instructions and continue with "Next".

Mumble audio wizard transmit settings

Choose whether you want to use PTT (Push To Talk) or voice activation. If you're unsure, go with Push To Talk. Once you have made your choice, continue to the next screen with "Next".

Mumble audio wizard quality and notifications

Modify the settings here if you wish, you may want to turn off Text-To-Speech to avoid annoying spam.

Mumble audio wizard positional audio

If you use headphones, check the "Use headphones" checkbox, then continue with "Next".

Mumble audio wizard finished

Congratulations! You made it through the audio wizard, the hard part is now over! The only thing left is to add a certificate and server. After pressing "Finish", you will see the following window.

Mumble certificate wizard

Choosing automatic certificate creation is recommended for least amount of hassle.

Mumble certificate finish

Now that we've created a certificate for ourselves, it's time to add a server to connect to. Mumble will conveniently display the server list when you are done adding a certificate.

Mumble connection window

Press the "Add New..." button to add a new server to your favourites list.

Mumble server window

Fill out the details as they are shown in the above image, replacing the text in the Username field with the name of your WoW character.

Mumble server selection

Now select our server in the list and press "Connect". You may see the below popup when you connect for the first time.

Mumble certificate warning

If this appears, you can safely choose "Yes" to accept and store the certificate. After that, you are finally...

Mumble client connected to server


Now that you are connected, you can begin talking to other people on the server. If you are here for a raid, an officer will move you into the appropriate channel.

Server rules

In addition to the regular guild rules, there are some additional rules to observe when using our Mumble server.

No harassment

Harassment is not tolerated, if you are found to be harassing other people on the Mumble server, you will be kicked and/or banned.

Use PTT or Voice Activation

Do not use the "Continous transmission" mode on Mumble, it will transmit everything that your microphone picks up and is very annoying to listen to.

Use headphones

If you have headphones, then please do use them. Using speakers with a VoIP service will often lead to your microphone picking up the sounds coming from the speakers, and everyone will hear themselves talking thanks to you. This can also make it difficult to hear what people are saying, due to the echo.

Speak English

Our guild is international, we have members from many different countries speaking many different languages. Please be aware that not everyone can speak your mother tongue. Use English when communicating with others on the Mumble server.

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Launch Mumble and join our server

Download Mumble client for Windows

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Visit Mumble website for more info