Rocket Fuel Leak



This much fun

Did you know you can get this little guy on your head from your garrison? :D

This little guy

Warlords of Draenor is almost here!

Here's what the portal looks like right now...

The Dark Portal crowded

More pictures:

NPC crowded

24 hour Yogg-Saron stream at the end of next week

Because Xantr won't believe me when I told him I can hold out against Yogg-Saron forever, I will be doing a 24 hour live stream at the end of next week (probably Friday the 14th) to prove him wrong.

Below is a set of pictures with what you might expect from it.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5

Sample 6

The Insane

In this little house ive spent alot time lately, :)


heavy junkbox farming

So i have now been farming these Boxes of junk for probably 14hours. Finally got around 1300. It says they got 30%dropchance but i am not sure about that..
This was the last i needed and finally!!!!!!!!!!
the insane

// Love Shamy

WoD Beta

Some of our members have gotten access to the WoD beta, which is great! A post has been made in our forum (members-only at the moment) where discussion about beta can be had.

If a certain topic gains enough interest, it can be posted as its own topic in the new beta forum (also members-only for now).

As more people in the guild get beta access, we hope to be able to start running dungeons and/or raids as a guild!


Finnally got me my legendaryyy such cool many staff. /love shamy

Alt text...
Alt text...
Alt text...
Alt text...

Silly shark

So i was out doing some loremastering today in icecrown, and found a little silly shark. Laughed si hard.. still does. HAHA.. /love shamy
shark 2
shark 3

The forums are live!

After much work, the forums have now been released! There are forums for public, members only, and officers only discussions.

Forum screenshot

Legendary Staff For Emilya

Emilya got the legendary staff from Firelands today! Big gz! /love shamy

Alt text...
Alt text...
Alt text...
Alt text...
Alt text...

URL shortener

We now have our own URL shortener, how cool is that?

URL shortener page

You can make URLs by visiting the page, or using the JSON API endpoint:

It expects a JSON payload following this structure: { "url": { "long": "" } }


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