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Visible only on the actual page for a news post (not the index for news, where it lists several items at once).

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Norushen 10-Man Heroic

RFL Garrosh kill

Buggin' out

I was bugging, was gonna take a cool pic of shotty jumping down the watherfall in his cool gear. I was bugged. It all got wierd. Laughed so hard. Still do. /love shamy

shotty cant fly

CM For Dispatch

Dispatch now also got CM-tmog! gz to him! And, admit, it looks awsome with those weapons together with that gear, so bad, so bad lookin! ;) /love shamy!
dk disp, cm
more dispatch
more dispatch
more dispatch

CM For shamy!

Finally got myself CM Tmog. I have to say that shamans have the most awesome one of them all! JUST LOOK AT IT! SO FABULOUS!! /love shamy

Image of Shasmy's CM stuff
More images

Seylaina and Shottyy 9/9 CM Gold!


Shottyy and I cleared all challenge mode dungeons on gold! (With some help from people of course).

We took some images in memory of this event, you can find the album on imgur.

I also picked out some screenshots to include here on the page (Right click -> View image to see full resolution).

Shottyy kneeling
Cloak procs

Email system updated

We had some issues with emails not getting sent out to some users yesterday. This was due to Microsoft's mail servers thinking the Rocket Fuel Leak email account had gotten hijacked (due to sudden increase in number of emails sent).

We have since switched to using Mandrill for outgoing email, and there should no longer be any issues about emails not arriving!

If you signed up during launch day and haven't received a confirmation email, please resend it and it should arrive properly.

RFL, now using Mandrill

We are live!

Without too much fuss (we had an error in the character confirmation process, but it was quickly fixed!), we are now online and running on our new site!

We will make sure to keep it updated with the latest progress and other news from the guild. So stay tuned as we get accustomed to this place!


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