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Welcome to Rocket Fuel Leak!

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… Where the Raids are fun and the boys are gay, having laughs in chat every day!

The raids are epic and the dungeons are fast, when it comes to Warcraft, we're upper class!

We're a fun social guild who have an amazing core heroic raiding team, and we are also recruiting for a second team for much fun! If you need any help in game always contact Vintra, our amazing leader, or any of the officers Seylaina, Tasee, Ishootthings or Wóóp!

Always Remember, we might be named after an annoying debuff, but this guild is anything but annoying. In fact, we are the opposite of our namesake, we are super speedy awesome fun!

Who do we accept?

Anyone! No, really. We are both a social and raiding guild, so there's no reason anyone should be excluded.

Although you should be aware that our guild chat can be quite colourful at times. If you are afraid of curse words and some really dark jokes, you probably should go look for some other guild or My Little Pony fanclub.

So how does one go about to join this fabulous guild? Simple! All you have to do is whisper one of our members in-game and they should be able to invite you or find someone who can.

But wait! Do you seek to join our raiding team?

If you want to raid with us, you will have to apply to join on this site, and wait for someone to accept your application before you are able to raid with us. You can still join us as a social member in the meantime, though. (You have to have created an account on this site and signed in to be able to create an application.)

Warlords of Draenor raiding information!

We are currently raiding WoD content at all levels. The list of raiders is as follows.



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24 hour Yogg-Saron stream at the end of next week about 5 years ago

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