Rocket Fuel Leak


Credits and Acknowledgements

This site wouldn't have been possible without the joint effort of several people helping to create this site.

Following are some mentions of people that played a key role in making this site possible.

Adam Hellberg

More known as Sharparam or Seylaina. Manages the domain, server hosting, database, and website code.

Developed the core website.

Felicia Bäärnhielm

More known as "Princess Forcie" or Shamynizer. Helped sketch out artwork for the site and hooked us up with a great graphics designer!

Emilie Ø. H. Pedersen

Created the logos for Rocket Fuel Leak. (She is the graphics designer mentioned earlier)

Graham Hough

Created this site's favicon! He also has his own site.

The rest of the guild!

What is a guild without its members?

Not much. A lot of the current and future content on this site is/will be created by the members of Rocket Fuel Leak!

David Hedges (AKA Xantr) wrote a major part of the introduction text on the homepage.

Blizzard Entertainment / Activision Blizzard

For creating the game that we love. Also for making available various fansite kits and press release kits that helped bring this site to life.

Technical information

This site is built with Ruby on Rails and makes use of several different technologies. Our database is powered by PostgreSQL and we also make use of redis to store intermediate data.

The site theme is based on the Cyborg theme from Bootswatch which itself is based on Twitter's Bootstrap.

If you want to check out the code, our entire site is open-source and available on GitHub. That is also where you can report issues or request new features to be implemented on the site. Or even implement them yourself and submit a pull request to us.